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What do I get out of egg – enter•grow•go?

A year filled with tools, guidance, experiences and acquaintances to turn your innovative idea into a viable business. Next to us you’ll find:

  1. Hospitality, support and tools – Business incubation.
  2. Training, mentoring, financing opportunities – Acceleration.
  3. Networking with other teams and potential clients – Coworking.

Find out all about the tools you get through egg – enter•grow•go.

How much does it cost to participate in egg – enter•grow•go?

You participate free of charge in the ENTER Phase. You apply without paying anything.

If you qualify to the GROW Phase, you pay €45,00 per month (participation fee) for the 12 months of support and an additional €45,00 per month (rental fee) in case you want to reserve a separate workspace in egg premises for your team (either for use as the main headquarters of the company, or as a branch office, or as the headquarters of its subsidiary). It is a token amount to use the egg –enter•grow•go facilities.

At the end of each cycle, along with the other teams you choose a charity to donate a large amount of the money collected from your payments. Our teams have donated more than €100,000 to charity from 2013 to 2023.

In addition, in case the startup secures potential investment funding, during its participation in the egg Start-Up Platform, in the form of investment capital, the participants owe three point seventy-five percent (3,75%) as a symbolic success fee.

That fee will be distributed for the further strengthening of the egg Start-Up services to the participants (e.g. extroversion, networking, etc.) as well as for public benefit purposes, selected by the participating startups.

Can I get financing?

Yes. You will find out about all available financing programmes. Choose the financing that is tailored to the needs of your business, e.g. bank borrowing, subsidies, equity funding, crowdfunding.

Find out all about startup financing at egg – enter•grow•go.

What networking opportunities are available?

We help you network with:

  • Potential clients and associates for your products and services through the egg extroversion programme.
  • Investors to finance your startup.
  • Alumni of egg – enter•grow•go who have already been in the same position as you and understand your concerns.

Where is the egg – enter•grow•go building located?

The egg – enter•grow•go building is located on 75 Thessalonikis & Florinis Str, Moschato.

The egg building is easily accessible by public transport.

Take a look at the modern facilities available to you.

Can I miss any of the seminars or lectures?

At least 1 member of your team must attend all the seminars and lectures.

Your daily presence at the egg - enter • grow • go premises is not a basic requirement for your participation in the GROW phase, as most of our initiatives are supported online. However, we want you to make use of most of the services we provide you.

Who do I ask for any information / questions / clarifications?

Email us:

We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Only university graduates are eligible to enter egg – enter•grow•go?

No. Students are also eligible.

You must be studying at a public or private higher education institute, in Greece or abroad.

Find out all the terms and conditions for participating in egg – enter•grow•go.

Which ideas are considered innovative?

An innovative idea:

  • Meets an essential market need.
  • Offers an opportunity to a satisfactory segment of the market.
  • Has a competitive edge over the competition.

We particularly support plans that:

  • Contribute to the extroversion of the Greek economy.
  • Use new technologies and innovations.

What industry can my idea fall under?

Any industry. There are no limits. You just need an idea that is innovative.

When you apply, choose the industry that is closest to your idea from the list of industries.

I don’t have a team. Can I apply on my own?

You can submit your business plan as an individual entry. However, we encourage applications from teams that have already forged relationships between them, and have delegated roles and responsibilities.

What if I already have a company?

For participating in egg – enter•grow•go, the existence of a legal entity is not considered as inhibitory factor.

Find out all the terms and conditions for participating in egg – enter•grow•go.

What if I have applied for Partnership Agreement funding?

You can combine egg – enter•grow•go with any funding programme you want.

Find out all the terms and conditions for participating in egg – enter•grow•go.

What if I have entered another programme with a similar objective?

For being able to receive the maximum possible value that our services provide, we recommend that you focus exclusively on the planning of egg - enter • grow • go.

Can I participate with more than one idea in the same cycle?

Of course you can submit more than one business idea to the same evaluation process.

Find out all the terms and conditions for participating in egg – enter•grow•go.

Can I apply for egg – enter•grow•go for a 2nd time?

You can try again if you had:

  • Applied, but had not qualified to the GROW Phase.
  • Participated in the GROW Phase, but have made some strategic change to your business plan (pivot).

Find out all the terms and conditions for participating in egg – enter•grow•go.

Who is not eligible to enter egg – enter•grow•go?

You cannot enter egg – enter•grow•go if you:

Can I only apply online for egg – enter•grow•go?

Yes. You cannot apply in any other way.

Find out step-by-step how to fill in your application form.

How do I apply for egg – enter•grow•go?

Apply online on the egg – enter•grow•go website:

  1. Register and create your profile.
  2. Fill in your application form.
  3. Attach your business plan and the necessary solemn declarations.

Find out step-by-step how to fill in your application form.

In what language can I apply?

Your online application, your business plan and your Declaration of Honour need to be either in Greek or in English.

What do I need to fill in for my team?

For each member you fill in their:

  • Full name
  • email and phone number
  • Date of birth
  • ID card no.
  • Role in the team

For each additional member, choose Add new member.

How many members can I add?

Up to 6 members.

Can I save my application as a draft?

Yes, you can save your application as a draft at any time.

You can log in to your profile and make changes as many times as you like before you submit it.

However, for your application to be valid, you must submit it by the date stated in the Call for proposals.

When is my application considered eligible?

For your application to be eligible, you must:

  • Fill in all the fields of the application.
  • Prepare and attach your business plan and the solemn declarations, in line with the strict specifications we give you.
  • Submit it by the date stated in the Call for proposals.
  • Meet all the terms and conditions for entry.

Will I receive confirmation once I submit my application?

Yes, once you submit your application, the confirmation message and application number appear on the screen.

You also receive an email with the same information.

What if I don’t receive a confirmation email?

Check your Spam or Junk folder.

If it’s not there, email us at

How do I submit my business plan?

You prepare it according to the strict specifications we give you and you attach it to your online application.

Find out step-by-step how to prepare your business plan.

How should my business plan be structured?

Follow the business plan template we give you. It includes:

  1. Specific sections that cover the 3 assessment criteria.
  2. An annex with the solemn declarations and any tables or diagrams you consider necessary.

Find out how to prepare your business plan.

What font type and size do I have to use?

Calibri 11pt. It is important to follow these specifications.

What other specifications do I have to follow?

Your business plan must be:

  • Up to 8 pages long – The page margins must be 2.5 cm. You may add 1 cover page for your business plan and as many pages as you need for the annex.
  • PDF or Word file, not over 10MB.

Find out how to prepare your business plan.

How do I convert my business plan to PDF?

If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 or later version, choose Save as... PDF when saving your document.

Otherwise you can use a free online service:

Can I add other documents to my business plan?

Yes. In your business plan annex, you may include tables, diagrams or any other information you consider necessary.

However, you can only attach 1 file to your application.

Do I fill in the solemn declaration online or by hand?

It makes no difference. You may fill it in either online or by hand.

You need to sign it at a Citizens Service Centre (KEP) or a police station, to get your signature validated, and then digitise your solemn declaration

Alternatively, you can get your signature validated through the Unified Digital Portal of Public Administration (

How do I digitise my solemn declaration?

Scan the solemn declaration that you had validated at a Citizens Service Centre (KEP) or a police station and include it in your business plan annex.

Otherwise take a photo of it with your mobile phone and add it as a low-resolution file.

Do all the members of my team have to submit solemn declarations?

Yes, you must include 1 solemn declaration for each member of your team in your business plan annex.

Find out how to submit a solemn declaration.

If someone lives abroad, how do they get a solemn declaration?

They follow the same steps.

However, the signatures of all the team members living abroad must be validated by the Greek Consulate in their country of residence.

Find out how to submit a solemn declaration.

What if the members of my team are not Greek?

They must sign a Declaration of Honour. Their signature does not have to be validated.

Email us at to receive the relevant form.

Based on what criteria is my business plan assessed?

Your business plan is rated based on 3 criteria:

  • Is your idea innovative?
  • Can you and your team put it into action?
  • Is your plan for the initial period doable?

Find out how to prepare your business plan.

How is the assessment performed?

  1. We check whether your application meets the main requirements.
  2. Two experienced assessors study separately the business plan you submitted along with your application. They rate it based on transparent criteria.
  3. We invite your team for an interview. You have 10 minutes to pitch your business plan to the assessors. There is no limit to the number of business plans that will be included in the GROW phase.

Find out all about how we assess your business idea.

How is my business plan rated?

Submitted business plan

Each of the 2 assessors rates you on a scale of 1 to 10 based on 3 assessment criteria and calculates the average score.

The average of the 2 assessors’ scores is your final score.

You need at least a score of 6 to qualify to the next round.

Your interview

Each assessor rates you on a scale of 1 to 10 for all 3 assessment criteria overall.

The average of the assessors’ scores is your final score.

How many teams qualify?

Our goal is to qualify as many teams as possible that we can host at the egg - enter • grow • go premises.

The only criterion for selecting the final number of teams is the score that their business plan receives during the assessment.

Do I have to set up a company?

No, setting up a company is not mandatory.

However, without a corporate legal entity (excluding sole proprietorships) you will not have access to all the egg services provided, such as Financing Tools and Business Networking.

Do all the members of my team have to participate in the company I set up?

Not necessarily. It is up to you to choose your shareholders or business partners.

What if I need help to set up a company?

We help you at any stage we can, by recommending you professionals who provide you services with preferential pricing, in order to create the legal entity that suits you.

What if I have already set up a company?

You must move to the egg – enter•grow•go building. You may choose to:

  • Transfer your company’s registered office.
  • Open up a branch at our building.
  • Establish a subsidiary with a registered office at our building.

You will have our support and guidance for all these.

Find out when you cannot participate if you have already set up a company.

Do I keep the copyright of the idea I submit to egg – enter•grow•go?

Yes, you keep in full your copyright and any other rights associated with your business plan and results.

We keep all the information you submit confidential, whether you qualify to the GROW Phase or not.

Can egg – enter•grow•go use my business plan?

Only as part of carrying out, promoting and advertising the programme, and provided you approve all the texts we wish to use.

That’s why we ask for permission to use and promote the progress of your business plan and any achievements for a period of 5 years from the date of your application to egg – enter•grow•go.

How can I patent my idea?

If you want, you can patent your business plan before entering egg – enter•grow•go. Find out what applies for this in the Call for proposals.

Whatever the case may be, during the GROW Phase, we encourage you to patent it and help you through the process.

What are the terms and conditions for participating in egg – enter•grow•go?

You may apply provided you:

  1. Are between 18 and 65 years old and can legally reside in Greece.
  2. Are a graduate of or are enrolled in a public or private higher education institute in Greece or abroad.

Find out all the terms and conditions for participating in egg – enter•grow•go.

What is specified in the Call of proposals for the 12th cycle?

Take a look at the terms and conditions of the Call for proposals for the 12th cycle of egg – enter•grow•go.

When does the deadline for applications expire?

The deadline for submitting the application for the 12th year of egg – enter•grow•go expires on 13.05.2024 at 23:59.

No applications will be accepted after this date.

Find out how to submit your application for egg – enter•grow•go.

Can the deadline for submitting applications be extended?

You can submit your application online until Monday 13th May 2024 at 23:59 (GMT+3).

In case the application period is about to be extended, you will be informed by egg - enter • grow • go.