Messinian Hub-herbal products & more

Messinian Hub-herbal products & more is a new innovative business operating in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). It combines the installation of a micro-propagation laboratory (in vitro), the installation of a vertically-integrated MAP production unit (farming, processing, standardisation) and the establishment of an alternative farming team. The company aims to make the most of quality MAP inputs, that, following processing, will be standardised in the form of propagating planting material, in the form of dried herbs or in the form of essential oils. Our basic innovation lies in tissue culture, that is in the production of a very large number of genetically same certified plants, in the ability to propagate and save endangered plant species, and in the ability to maintain certified genetic material for a long time at a plant material maintenance bank. Mass production throughout the year, in limited space and time, coupled with the vertically-integrated MAP production unit, is our competitive advantage, as we aim to cover the entire production cycle, achieving economies of scale.