Health Sciences and Wellness

Pronoo integrates user-generated health data (vitals, activity, medication, sleep) from everyday life into a single platform, enabling an open ecosystem of connected partners to create personalized wellness, prevention, and chronic care programs, by considering all the factors that may affect a person's physical and mental well-being. Ecosystem partners (payers, employers, providers, pharma) can come together, navigate and agree on their position in the value chain/care journey and co-develop services and action plans adapted to every occasion, that are designed to build healthy habits in everyday life.

Our ecosystem-based platform has the potential to deliver a personalized and integrated experience to consumers, enhance provider productivity, engage formal and informal caregivers, and improve outcomes and affordability. It creates an extra level of emotional security for the patient with a strong circle of support around them, as carers and relatives can be involved and influence the care and outcomes of their loved ones.