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REDI Engineering Solutions

Sustainable Development

REDI Engineering Solutions is a deep-tech engineering company with expertise in structural design, assessment and retrofit solutions, development of relevant software & research activities in the field of earthquake engineering, multihazard assessment, resilience and sustainability. The company bridges the gap of the value chain between planners, managers and constructors offering financial gains through assessment tools that can be integrated into a more automated decision-making procedure for the prioritization of future actions. The innovation that REDI introduces lies mainly on the exploitation of research output through software for operational use.

Our products introduce advanced engineering techniques for structural assessment, e.g., artificial intelligence algorithms for the rapid assessment of buildings and infrastructure to provide prediction of the damage severity and facilitate the intervention prioritization, also providing a valuable tool for prediction of future damage and losses in order to make strategic plans and manage properties. Key elements of REDI’s growth potential are its future ability to generate larger profits, increase innovative tools production and distribution and expand its workforce and intellectual property.