Aiming to address the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) immediately and responsibly, we have taken a series of measures that contribute to the safety of the companies hosted at egg, our associates and our employees. 


To keep everyone safe, the egg building will not be accessible to the public and the companies hosted on the premises until Monday 30 March 2020.

Live streaming

The egg Open Day events scheduled for Wednesday 18 March and Monday 30 March will take place via live streaming through Facebook live.

You may submit your questions during the live streaming event. We will answer you on the spot.

You can watch our events after they have been concluded on the egg WebTV platform.

Seamless operation

Our employees and the egg Steering Committee members will make sure that everything runs smoothly until 30 March 2020:

  • All the programme operations.
  • Consulting and support to the business teams that have been included in the Start Up and Scale Up platforms.
  • Cooperation with the entire egg – enter•grow•go community.

We will notify you of any new developments.

Deadline for applications extended

We are extending the deadline for submitting applications for the 8th cycle of egg. You can submit your application online by Monday 4 May at 15:00.

Find out more about the deadline extension for applications.


For startups, companies or anyone else wishing to contact us, we are available daily:

  • Call us on +302103249912.
  • Email us at
  • Make the most of the available technology so we can communicate remotely.

Get to know all about egg through our website and the egg YouTube channel.

For further information, follow the egg Facebook page.

The egg Steering Committee