egg Steering Committee decision to extend the deadline for applications for the 8th cycle of the egg Programme for the Start Up platform and respective amendment to Article 9 of the Call for proposals.

In the context of the approach followed by Eurobank to address the spread of COVID-19 immediately and responsibly, the Programme Steering Committee has unanimously decided to extend the deadline for applications for the egg Start Up Programme to 4 May 2020 at 15:00 (GMT +2), as well as amend Article 9 of the Call for proposals accordingly as follows: 

”9. Submitting the application

The application for egg Start Up is submitted using a standardised form with a few pages (a maximum of 8 pages), which is available on the Programme website and which has predefined sections matching and covering the main assessment criteria, as those are described in Article 8 herein.

The Business Teams should submit their application online, via the Programme website by 4 May 2020 at 15:00 (GMT +2) at the latest, which should consist of:

  1. Application form, filling in all required fields in the online form. Note that to fill in the application form and be able to submit it, the Business Teams need to have previously ticked the relevant field by which they unreservedly accept all terms and conditions of this Call for proposals, which they should carefully read.
  2. Business Plan, using the template available on the Programme website during the online application process. The submitted business plan should not be longer than eight (8) pages in total, including graphs, tables and charts, and it should be written either exclusively in Greek (with the exception of international terms, as appropriate) or exclusively in English, using Calibri 11 pt fonts, justified text and page margins set to 2.5 cm.
  3. Solemn Declaration (or Declaration of Honour for non-Greeks) with each person’s signature validated by a competent authority (unless one can prove that such validation is not feasible) – that is for each of the main members who will put the business plan into action and have filled their details in the application form, namely the Participants – whereby they will declare that they meet all major specifications to apply for egg Start Up. Each solemn declaration or declaration of honour should be digitised and attached at the end (Annex) of the business plan, to be possible to submit it as a single file through the online application form, adhering to the detailed instructions and templates available through the online application process for egg Start Up.

The Business Teams which will ultimately qualify after the assessment process, as described in detail in Article 8, must submit any supporting documents the competent Programme bodies may require, at their discretion, to verify or certify the accuracy of the submitted information (for example: ID cards, passports, residence permits, proof of CV details, legal documentation of an existing company and any other document is specified in this Call for proposals or may be deemed required on a case-by-case basis).

Note that, as mentioned before, consulting will be provided through the relevant support services within egg Start Up and the Programme in general to facilitate the incorporation of any new company and its settling at the egg Start Up Facilities and the Programme in general.

The Steering Committee will check all relevant documents, reserving the right to disqualify any application, for which no or insufficient supporting or other requested documents were submitted. The Steering Committee reserves the right, throughout egg Start-Up, to request any additional legal information or document it may consider necessary, in the context and for the purposes of carrying out and implementing egg Start Up, as well as the right to disqualify a Business Team which never submitted the requested documents or submitted insufficient documents.”

The egg Steering Committee