Zoi Giavri with the egg company

Advantis Medical Imaging among the 3 finalists for the Innovative Women Award 2018

Zoi Giavri, CEO at medical technology Advantis Medical Imaging and egg alumna, is among the three finalists for the European Union Innovative Women Award 2018 for women under 30. This award encourages female researchers living and working in the EU who are actively involved in applied innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Advantis Medical Imaging egg team has developed the Brainance software, which processes and analyses brain MRIs. The software processes three different brain MRI scans (Diffusion, Perfusion and Functional MRI). It is addressed to hospitals and diagnostic centres, as well as research institutes and organisations conducting clinical studies. The algorithms developed by Advantis achieve up to 90% accuracy. Brainance is a web based software, so it allows simultaneous access and processing of tests by multiple users from various locations.

The egg family is extremely pleased and proud that yet another programme team is distinguished by a significant international institution. This distinction proves that the teams that emerge from the programme receive all the necessary tools and experiences, through the people and infrastructure of egg. This way they can put their idea into practice and stand out in the international business arena.