HealthyClub: Nutrition and well-being consultants

HealthyClub is an innovative platform that offers meal plans and a clinically proven way to measure the health status of an individual. It is essentially a smart nutrition consultant that aims to change bad eating habits and shape a healthy lifestyle attitude. It was established two years ago by three young guys who, being a bit overweight, had tried a few times several meal recording applications in the past, without success. They realised that weight loss is a complex process and the biggest challenge is changing your attitude towards food and avoiding misinformation about nutrition. Healthy nutrition is all about how to eat what we want in the right way, what times of the day to eat and what to try at restaurants. HealthyClub is developed by EatHealthy with the help of well-known chefs, nutritionists and psychologists. EatHealthy is a social enterprise addressed both to people who want to improve their body image, and to insurance companies and healthcare providers who wish to offer better quality of life to their customers.


StArtbio:  Development of innovative tools for allergy diagnosis 

StArtΒio is a good example of the innovation support chain Eurobank has consistently built. A child of the fourth egg – enter·grow·go cycle, the company aims to develop modern methods to diagnose allergies and pathogens (mainly viruses) that cause allergy flare-ups and reactions. In certain European countries, one in three children suffer from one or more allergic conditions (eczema, food allergy, allergic rhinitis and asthma) and the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) warns that with the current upward trend, half of the population in Europe will be suffering by some kind of allergy by 2025. The StArtΒio team is made up of biologists and molecular biologists, and aspires to offer specialists the tools to effectively diagnose and cover the entire range of allergens and infections.


Ingredio: Warns consumers of hazardous ingredients in cosmetics and food

Ingredio is yet another company at the cutting-edge of technology. A team of Greek scientists headed by Zoe Cournia, PhD chemist and researcher, decided to develop a mobile app through which users are able to take a photo of the ingredients of cosmetics or food, and find out how safe or toxic they are. The app was released in 2017 and was downloaded 10,000 times in 6 months from around the world, without any advertising. The app is free, is available on Android and has received many awards in Greece and abroad. The egg – enter·grow·go programme played a decisive role in the development of the idea. “It gave us the boost we needed to set up a company that would be ready for action in the global market, by helping us overcome the many obstacles every startup encounters. Our future plans are to translate the app in as many languages as possible,” said the founders. Ingredio’s vision is to protect human health and raise awareness among consumers for a world free from hazardous chemicals.

Source: Kappa Kathimerini
Greek companies active in the health and well-being sector