hopwave is active in the travel tech industry and was founded in 2016 by George Pilpilidis and George Siatras, aiming to facilitate the search for day and multi-day cruises to the islands and offer an alternative experience to travellers. By facilitating bookings for sea excursions and cruises through the digital marketplace, it helps Greek and foreign visitors to the islands to quickly and easily find unique destinations and experiences.
As George Pilpilidis and George Siatras note, “hopwave was created because, as travellers, we wanted to discover new destinations. We quickly saw there was limited information and access to it for day sea excursions and mini cruises at the Greek islands. As programmers, we wanted to get results from online searches and find the experiences that are best suited to us. So we decided to bring out the first informational app in the market that summer, to see if there was any interest and whether other travellers were facing the same problem as us. After market research, communications, many tests and several errors, this turned into an integrated booking management system for the excursions owners, but also the best place to find a day or multi-day cruise when travelling around the Greek islands.
So the trip a traveller follows before visiting their favourite destination has changed significantly due to technology. The selection criteria and the expectations are increasing justifiably, and a good online search is the first step towards their next travel experience. We want to offer this infrastructure and this easy and pleasant access to Greek island visitors. The plethora of choices, as well as all the necessary details, are key to deciding what suits you best and finding a unique experience during your trip. Being able to book your tickets directly and easily online before the trip, or even at the last minute, is exciting for travellers, since they enjoy planning their very next escape.
It is important for us to continuously offer our travellers a pleasant way to organise their sea getaways and find the experience that suits at any given moment. By understanding their needs, we try to offer a pleasant way for them to explore the island they are at and experience something unique there in the surrounding islands.
At the same time, we understand the needs of our partners and try to serve them, helping them continuously upgrade their services based on the wishes and trends of travellers, so as to offer them a wonderful trip.”
Source: Kappa Kathimerini